Custom carrier with USB 3.0

Hi, I’m trying to design a custom carrier board fot the jetson tx2, that has only a USB3.0 (for now), so I took the Concept schematic and started to eliminate the things I don’t need. So what was left was:
-400 pin connector (Pages 4,5,6)
-USB 3.0
-The fan part(page 22)
-Rail discharge
-DC Jack(page )
-5V & 3V3 Vregs (page 28)
-3V3 SLP AND 1.8V Vregs (page 29)

  • and the power button circuit

Is there anything else that needs to be added to make it function? like the power monitors, eeprom, etc.

And also I want to get all the component from digikey, to reduce the shipping cost, i couldn’t find a replacement for Q30 MDV3604URH, if you could tell me one.


There is a checklist in chapter 15 of OEM DG, please follow it. To only achieve USB, compare your design with checklist, including part of “Power” and “USB/PCIe/SATA Connections” in it.

For replacement of Q30, I’m afraid that you have to search on digikey with its characters.

Any power P-channel MOSFET with 20A or better capacity can be used. Almost all of them have the same pin-out too, so they are typically interchangeable on an already-made PCB.

I quite like STL62P3LLH6. It has lower resistance than the one you indicate, and it’s only a buck in singles. I believe it would work very well as a replacement for you.

Thank you for both of your answers