Custom carter robot - How to do angle limiting


I have a custom built robot and I have adapted carter navigation app to use this robot for A to B navigation using LIDAR. The robot wheels can turn +/-76 degrees and not more from the base. I have an issue now, while navigation using isaac sdk, sometimes the robot is trying to trigger sharp turns more than 76 degrees , both wheels keeps on rotating at the max angle , and eventually my motor component carshes,

is there a parameter in the planner/navigation where I can specify the maximum rotation angle that the robot can achieve, so the sdk doesnt try to trigger anything more than that with Diffwheel?

The best way to feed in such constraints is to add a RangeConstraintsCostBuilder to prevent the LQR solver from exceeding these limits when generating a trajectory (see //packages/flatsim/apps/demo_5.json and others for examples).

Isaac SDK does support Ackermann drive (automobile style), which would let you configure a constraint on the tire angle. For differential drive, this would not be applicable (the wheels do not turn).

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