Custom coco dataset in TAO Colab

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• Network Type (Resnet18)

I am pretty new to AI and TAO toolkit seems great for beginners. I’d like to use my own dataset, which I have in coco format already separated in train/test/val folders, and would like to train the SSD resnet18 notebook in colab-pro with it. Right now it seems to work with kitti format but I read in documentation that COCO was supported. I’d appreciate any guidance on how to get the model running with the coco dataset?

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Hi, currently only KITTI format label is compatible. There is something wrong in the document.
Please convert COCO format to KITTI format.
You can refer to deepstream_tao_apps/ at release/tao3.0 · NVIDIA-AI-IOT/deepstream_tao_apps · GitHub.

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