Custom / different model IntelligentEdgeHOL


I have succesfully get this application to work using both Youtube and RTSP streams, and I like the concept of it:

For a project, I would like to use a custom trained YOLOv3-tiny model. For now, I wanted to test a different model (I tried the Yolo9000 set).

I changed the dataset in modules/YoloModule/app/ with the new dataset, weights and config I want to load, however when I restart iotedge, the application seems to load the default from somewhere else and I do not understand from where.

I even “replaced” the default YOLOv3-tiny model by using a different one but with the same name as the standard model. However it still loads the defaults.

Can somebody help me to understand this? I really would like to use a custom trained model and have this application as a basis to test it.

Thank you!

We have YOLOv3 sample in DeepStream SDK. Please check


The latest version is 4.0.2.
RTSP source is supported in the SDK.
Would suggest you rtry sample config files and then customize the config file to your usecase.