Custom DS app using mouse-click input

I am using DS 5.0 on Jetson NX.
I want to create a custom application based on deepstream-app. What I want is to get a mouse click info(x and y coordinates) as an input and detect/track only one object that is closest to that click.
I go through the documentation and coudnt find anything about taking custom input(like txt file including mouse click location). Any hints?

This is possible, but not as easy as it may seem.

Some GStreamer sink elements (like xvimagesink) implement the GstNavigation API. Input events will be translated to navigation events and pushed upstream (to the previous elements). This includes events such as pointer moves, keypress/release, clicks etc…

You also need to implement a GStreamer element to parse the navigation events and modify the buffer’s DeepStream metadata. Probably an element based in GstVideoFilter that would listen to the bus for navigation events and save the last GST_NAVIGATION_EVENT_MOUSE_BUTTON_PRESS. Then, in the process_in_place virtual method you can modify the NvDsFrameMeta to remove the unwanted objects from the NvDsObjectMetaList.

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Thanks for the answer, i will work on it