Custom flashing procedure for Xavier NX

We have a specific custom image that requires execution and booting from the NVMe. To achieve this, our objective is to flash only the bootloader and modify the boot order on the NX device, enabling it to boot from the NVMe.

To streamline and expedite the process, we aim to create a master NVMe configuration and replicate it across multiple target devices. Here are the steps we need to follow, outlined in a clear and technical manner:

  1. Set up the entire file system on a master NX device. This device should be flashed using the SDK manager and configured with all the necessary libraries, support files, and other required components.
  2. Disconnect the NVMe device from the carrier and create a clone of it.
  3. Flash the bootloader onto the new NX modules.
  4. Modify the boot order on the NX devices to prioritize booting from the NVMe.
  5. Install the cloned NVMe onto the devices.
  6. Boot and conduct thorough testing of the complete applications.

To achieve these steps consistently and repetitively we need to do it using the the command-line interface (CLI).

How can we do it.

Hi enrique.aaron,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for Xavier NX?
It seems you are using the devkit due to using SDKM to flash the board, but it also seems you are using custom board due to having requirement to replicate it for multiple target devcies.

and what’s your current Jetpack version in use?

HI Kevin,

We are using the Leetop A203 Carrier Board, the Jetpack that we are using is the 5.1.1

Is that custom board design by you?
If not, you should get the custom BSP package from your vendor for the custom board design instead of using SDKM to flash the board.

For cloning the image from NVMe drive, you could refer to this instruction for the usage of tool, but you might do some change manually.
Please also refer to this thread about the modification for NVMe.

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