Custom gmsl camera setup

I have a MOPAR 68144068AC camera with the same FAKRA connector as the DRIVE PX2 supported cameras.
Can I make it work with driveworks?
With the sample_camera_gmsl most camera types give a “cannot connect to camera” error, but 2 give different errors:

  • ar0231-rccb-svc : “sensor does not support requested output types”
  • ar0144 : gives a segmentation fault after tell “CameraGMSL: required FPS = 45, resolution = 1280x804”

I also tried with the custom camera sample but i dont know what parameters set into the camera.cfg

Any ideas?


Dear ceccocats,

Could you please refer to below links for your topic?
And page 12(camera-type part) in DriveWorks DevGuide.pdf. Thanks.