Custom hardware components

I’m interested in adding custom hardware components to work with the SDK.
For example a different i2c 6DOF sensor for IMU.

Also a number of different two wheel motor drives (i2c, PWM and servo), and ttyUSB based lidar.

I was hoping to look at the already provided “isaac.imu.IioBmi160” component source as a starting point to writing my own drivers, however they’re wrapped up in pre-compiled libraries.

For Lidar I’ve looked at the public git repo for velodyne_lidar as a starting point to implement my own lidar components, however I haven’t found documentation detailing development at this level.

Is it possibe to have more examples added to the public repo, or add documentation for development at this level?


Just a heads up, the packages/segway directory has examples of segway motor drivers in c++, and the packages/livox has uncompiled drivers for the livox lidar.

Hi Brad,

I reccomend looking at the segway packages as a reference for custom hardware. This is what we referenced as starting point for our motor controller.