Custom Jetson Nano Carrier Board

Hello. Developing custom Jetson Nano Carrier Board.
Issues and interfaces i have fixed/checked right now:

  1. I2C2_SCL 232 and I2C2_SDA 234 is rotated, so right now AT24C02 memory is online.
  2. I have removed Realtek USB Hub, USB Host on Jetson Nano is working good.
  3. Power Enable circuit is changed into basically one resistor and one capacitor (470Ohm to 0.1uF).
  4. Input power changed into ~7-40V/3A pulse stabilizer, yes it is AC input with diode bridge rectifier.
    What i cannot fix right now and created this topic:
  5. Ethernet is not working. I have used 10/100/1000Mbit ethernet connector LPJG16459ADNL, double checked before, triple checked right now. But still, no connection.
    Please help, is there any fixes, maybe like this I2C2 232&234 pins?

Are you designing with A02 module? A02 devkit is only for development not for custom product, the B01 module is for that, all docs in DLC can be as reference of custom design based on B01, please check those for your design first.

For power supply and others, please also refer to OEM DG and module datasheet in DLC.

Hello. Thank you for answers.
Sooooo, i checked everything: basically, i got myself A02 (P3448) Jetson and got B01 documentation. Sooo, where do i get, cheap of course, some B01 Jetsons, lol?
Also, where do i get A02 documentation to walkaround my current situation? I do wrote big amount of code to test and right now, without ethernet port it is no use.

How do you get A02 devkit? Please contact local sale vendor for B01 devkit.

A02 docs are not released as it is not for custom usage.

Bought two of them.

A02 docs are not released as it is not for custom usage.

So, can i get any help about how to start ethernet connection on A02 on B01 board? :-)
I do understand, that i can carefully check wires in DevKit board and on schematics, interconnect needed and got at least 10Mbits. But, can you help me with schematics on A02?


There is no such support of A02 module on B01 board. Only B01 module can work on B01 board.

Also devkit module is not able to work with custom carrier board.

Yes, i understand that. Already bying new B01 Jetsons :-)
But, you know, i did make A02 work in B01 board. Ethernet is working on 100Mbit. And i understand that i cannot puclicate it freely, copyrights and all.
So, if NVIDIA says to me that i can publicate this info, i can do. Also, for all who may concern, i did this to continue development, not for breaking any rules or laws.
Best regards, i got my answer about Ethernet.

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It is not suggested to run A02 module on B01 carrier board. You can share the experience, but NVIDIA will not guarantee it and users should be responsible for the consequence.

Yes, it is not guaranteed that anything cannot go wrong. But people, before their B01 Jetsons arrive, need to continue development, yes?
So, here is solution how to use ethernet port from A02 at B01 board: you need to make “criss-cross” cable for it.

All pairs are switched and then reversed.

I just got caught by this also. Purchased A02 dev kit (A02 nano module P3448-0020 and A02 carrier board) and tried using it on my custom board. This is definately not clear enough in the documentation. Now I need to get a B01 dev kit and a production SOM.