CUSTOM LOGO Boot Screen: Nvidia changed bmp.blob file to new version


I previously edited the bmp.blob header+bmp(bitmap image) file with Hex editor to display custom boot logo for Jetson TX2.
On the Xavier and newer TX2 JetPack Nvidia changed this file so I’m no longer able to use the old method.
The new bmp.blob is 71kB whereas the old one was 9,9MB. I suspect they compressed the image or are using png instead of bitmap.

Did anyone successfully edit the new bmp.blob to work with custom logo?


Yes, we compressed the BMP blob so that it takes up less space, vital for Jetson Nano, where we have limited storage. But you can still use the older bmp.blob (9MB+) from Rel32.1 on TX2 if you’d like, just ensure your flash.xml file has enough space in the BMP partition, I believe it’s still set to reserve a size of approx 1.3G on T186 (flash_l4t_t186.xml) in Rel32.*.

To restore the compressed bmp.blob to the 9MB+ blob, you’d have to remove the header & run it thru lz4c -d then tack the header back on. Better to just pull the old bmp.blob from a prior release.



Thanks a lot Tom,

I tried using the old bmp.blob and it works! Also had to update the logo files in /usr/share/backgrounds
The only problem now is I get a lot of logging after boot screen.
Do i have to set log-level 1 in the device tree or do you have other options for disabling system logging?


Sorry, not an expert on setting log levels. Is this bootloader spew, or kernel? I assume kernel, as that’s the only thing that would be using HDMI/display for spew. For the kernel, I think you can set ‘quiet’ in the command line args, either in the DTB or via the APPEND line in extlinux.conf on disk. But I’m not sure that affect display logging as much as UART spew. Wayne can query the kernel gurus offline.