Custom model train or update schedule

I wonder do you have any plan for updating other model (ex.efficiendet)
or how can i use custom pretrained model in NGC(.tlt format)??

Do you mean efficientNet ?
More, could you give more details about "updating other model " ?

Yes! efficientDet is Detection model using efficientNet

The efficientNet is on the roadmap.

Please refer to

or refer to the jupyter notebook inside the docker directly.

I found it !

Instead of NVIDIA provided pre-trained models, can I use TLT with my own or any open source pre-trained models?

No third party pre-trained models are supported by TLT. Only NVIDIA pre-trained models from NGC are currently supported which can be retrained with your custom data.

Thanks for reply!

how about efficientDet??
is it on the roadmap???

Currently, efficientDet is not on the roadmap.