Custom-network-config must be absolute path?

I would like to kwown if custom-network-config must be with absolute path or can i give relative path?

Of course it can be a relative path, but you have to make sure the path is correct

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autodrive, I have tried but it doesnt work in my case. If my folder looks like:

– app/
---- config/
------ nvinfer_config.txt

Since the custom-network-config is inside “nvinfer_config.txt” file, the relative path must be with respect where is located or w.r.t

Yes, of cource.

follow your file path,in your add

 cur_path = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
 config_file_path = cur_path + os.path.sep + "config/nvinfer_config.txt"

It’s will be work fine.


your folde?
you need:


in nvinfer_config.txt


try it

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