Custom new AGX Xavier SOM eMMC has any default bootloader

In our custom board, we have removed USB pins as we don’t use USB.
When we design a custom board based on AGX Xavier SOM, the eMMC on a new fresh AGX Xavier SOM by default contains any bootloader to load/flash our binaries on the eMMC or if it does not contain anything how can we flash/program the initial fresh eMMC ?

You can flash a module on a different carrier board than what it is to run on. I have not tried myself, but if the content is for your carrier board, then it shouldn’t be a problem. If this is a separately sold module and not a dev kit, then it won’t arrive with any software (you’d have to flash it via USB). Even if the unit had a bootloader you’d still be advised to flash to the current release.

Since we don’t have any USB pins in custom board design, the only other option to flash is JTAG ?

I don’t think JTAG is supported. You would have to move the module to a different carrier board during flash.

oh, ok. thanks. will check.

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