Custom OTA packages for kernel

I am migrating some old TX1 systems to TX2 with L4t 32.3.1. I see from the documnetation that you support OTA via deb packages, which is great! In my old system we had a home-made deb update system too (we are completely ditching the old system and starting from 0 on 32.3.1 btw).
Since we run on our own device I have to use a heavily customised linux kernel to properly support our devices and pinmux, so all out devices will have to run our kernel, and obviously, manage updates.
Is it possible to manage our kernel updates using OTA system? I am no shy to create my own debian packages, or have my own debian repository, so is it possible to re-create “at home” the nvidia debs I need?

Not an official or complete answer (I am speculating), but in most cases a “.deb” package would work. If you are not working with a signed partition, then the part which you’d have to be careful with is to make sure that any kernel package be fulfilled by your alternate release (and be certain you include any initrd changes needed). I think the NVIDIA kernel itself does this to avoid mainline accidentally replacing it, and you’d need to be sure neither mainline nor the NVIDIA kernel replaces your kernel. I have not actually done this myself, but for a case where the kernel is a file in “/boot/Image”, then I think ordinary packages would be a good idea.

We have an unofficial wiki page for deb creation.