Custom Post-Process Program

So with Optix 5.0 you seem to be unable to create a custom post process program as the only way to create a post processing stage is with the function



So is there any other way to create a


or are we simply limited to the built-in denoiser and example tonemapper with nonadjustable tone map curve ?

Note for anyone else trying to achieve this there does appear to be a way to circumvent this issue by creating a normal optix program, setting it as a ray generation program and appending that launch to the command list. But that does sort of beg the question of what use the command list actually has ?

The post-processing API allows you to easily add optix-s built-in post-processing passes to your application. The idea is that we provide the user with state-of-the-art algorithms, such as the AI denoiser, within the optix API framework. This is the first iteration of this toolset so it has a limited set of functionality. We are already adding functionality and controls for the existing simple tonemapper and will continue to add post-processing passes in the future.

There always has always been an easy path to custom post-processing within optix – your own ray-gen programs which do post-processing, as you mention, or your own CUDA kernels. The postprocessing allows you to add optix launches to the pipeline (either for rendering or custom postprocess operations) so that you can use the pipeline as your all-in-one per-frame render pipeline.