Custom power plug for Jetson TX2

Hi all, I would like to power the Jetson TX2 Developer Kit from a custom power supply. I see from this datasheet that the power plug has part number 2DC-G313-B01 but I can’t find any vendors for that part. Is there some other, more accessible power plug that are also compatible?

Datasheet for the plug:

Thank you in advance!

The datasheet for the Meanwell power supply was more revealing. It says that the power plug is the standard P1M type.

Meanwell power supply datasheet:

Thanks self!

I’m not positive, but that power supply shows a 5.5mm OD x 2.5mm ID. I think the Jetson might require the 2.1mm ID (someone correct me if wrong, haven’t looked at that in a long time). Ok, so 5.5mm x 2.5mm is valid.

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The P/N of plug is 2DP-G313–B01, 5.5mm x 2.5mm, you can check with vendor for that.

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