Custom Python Bindings - Nvidia DeepStream

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• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU)
• Jetpack Version: 4.6
• DeepStream Version: 6.0
• TensorRT Version:8.0
• NVIDIA GPU Driver Version (valid for GPU only)
• Issue Type: question
• Requirement details( New requirement)

Hi everyone,

I have been using my Jetson for a while and have successfully run all of the deepstream_python_app samples on it, including deepstream-test4. I am not tryng to add a custom object instead of using the vehicle, face objects etc.

I have seen some articles on this forum on this but nothing conclusive. I have created new objects in both the bindfunctions.cpp file and the bindschema.cpp file and then tried to rebuild the bindings, I thought this would then allow me to access the objects in python. But I get the following error. Any help our guidance would be appreciated

/opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream-6.0/sources/deepstream_python_apps/bindings/src/bindfunctions.cpp: In lambda function:
/opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream-6.0/sources/deepstream_python_apps/bindings/src/bindfunctions.cpp:494:27: error: ‘NvDsNewCustomObject’ was not declared in this scope
return (NvDsNewCustomObject*) data;

Why you need new object meta? Is it possible to put it in user meta?

I can place it where ever, I have now moved onto trying to utilise the NVDS_OBJECT_TYPE_CUSTOM for my custom objects essentially I am just trying to make use of a custom object in some way as opposed to the Vehicle, face etc. as I want custom attributes

Is NvDsNewCustomObject defined in bindfunctions.cpp? If not then it should be defined in a header file and the header needs to be included by bindfunctions.cpp.

I tried some of the above options, ending up reverting to using the vehicle object

Hello @seaker Do you need more support on this topic or should I close it? Thanks.

Hi @yingliu

I think you can close it, however I do believe that this is a gap in the documentation which would I think make a big difference to the community if updated.

Thanks for your support.

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