Custom resolutions in Windows

I’m trying to set a custom resolution so that our server console matches the resolution of the client window, however ChangeDisplaySettings only allows resolutions that the monitor EDID allows.

I can see in the NVIDIA control panel the ability to set a custom resolution - is there an API for that which I can call to dynamically change the server-side resolution to whatever the client requests?

Can you give a little more info on the solution stack your using as dependant on that there may be different ways to address your problem.

Sure, I’m using the g2.2xlarge instances on EC2 running Windows 2008 R2. Code is written in C++ on VS2012.

I’ve looked at the “Displayless Multi-GPU on Windows 7.pdf” file in the GRID SDK and combined that with the CustomTiming sample in the NVAPI 334 release, but it doesn’t appear to be working.

Specifically, even after calling ForceConnect() and AttachDesktop(), nvidiaGetConnectedDisplays() still returns 0 displays and therefore I have nothing to call NvAPI_DISP_TryCustomDisplay() with.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?