Custom Sensor Decoder


i would like to write a custom decoder for several sensors like IMU, GPS and Lidar.
Unfortunately i don’t find any example for custom decoder.
Does anyone have a small example or has any idea, how i can start?

Thanks in advance

Dear ba.quang.vinh.cao,

Could you please find “Integrating with Custom Sensors” part in DriveWorks Development Guide? Thanks.

Hi Steve,

i already read the documentation, but still don’t have the big picture, how the concept really works.
Is there an example for custom plugin?
From the documentation, we could write custom decoder for radar and lidar, if we implement RadarDecoder.h or LidarDecoder.h, respectively. But how can i write decoder for IMU and GPS?
Can i use precompiled examples with my custom decoder e.g. for Lidar?


Could you post a link to the “Integrating with Custom Sensors” and the “DriveWorks Development Guide”? I cannot find it anywhere. Is this shipped with the software or available online?


Dear dzollo,
Please find it at /usr/local/driveworks-0.6/doc/nvdwx_html/NVIDIA_DriveWorks_DevGuide.pdf on Drivepx2.

I found the description using decoders plugin and JSON file with recorder and recorder-qt tools.
But i don’t like to record the data to files.
I need to decode live data and stream the data to applications like precompiled examples.
If i have an unsupported lidar but i want to use the sample_lidar_replay programm, could i write a decoder to map the unsupported data structure to supported structure like VELODYNE_HDL_64E?
It is possible to extend DW SDK?