Custom Splash Screen on boot?

Hi there. I would just like to ask if there’s a way I could create a custom splash screen where during boot, instead of the usual text I would just show an image I created. I’ve tried recompiling a kernel with the image I created selected as the boot logo in device drivers > graphics support > boot logo but after recompiling the kernel and flashing, nothing happened. Could someone help me figure out what I did wrong? Thank you! I’m currently running the TK1 using r19.03 if that would be of any help.

People have asked this before, and I believe the gist of the answer is that this requires support in the u-boot boot loader. I’ve not seen any reports of changes to the boot loader which would actually be required. Apparently some version of u-boot does have this feature, but the u-boot version used is missing the feature.

It would be really neat to see this. Bajujay, if you are successful please post it here.

Thank you for the reply. I’ve also read on other posts that the current kernel used by the tk1 although supports u-boot doesn’t support this feature. Thank you again.