custom tracker


I am trying to create custom low level library for tracker.

In NvMOT_Init method I want to initialise context(NvMOTContext).

I have no idea how to create it. Can you explain it with sample code or can you provide any reference other than (*.h) files?

Have you checked ?

Yes, but I couldn’t figure it out from the docs. Is there any code reference for creating and initialising NvMOTContext other than (*.h) files?

From the docs I completed first step,

NvMOTStatus NvMOT_Query(
    uint16_t customConfigFilePathSize,
    char* pCustomConfigFilePath,
    NvMOTQuery *pQuery

now I am stuck with second step

NvMOTStatus NvMOT_Init(
    NvMOTConfig *pConfigIn,
    NvMOTContextHandle *pContextHandle,
    NvMOTConfigResponse *pConfigResponse

can you help me with the code?

Currently there is not a demo, I will think how to provide a simple code for you. BTW, it will be better if you can share your code and the error you met.

I am new to c++ so I have no idea, how to implement it.

All right, I see, will provide you a simple code demo later.

Could you check this topic for reference