Custom URDF model instability issue


I am trying to use custom URDF in Omnivese. However, my robot part are scattered when I press start button.

Here is link for comparison video of testing same URDF file in ROS Gazebo, Omniverse.

1. ROS Gazebo

2. Omniverse

Please tell me what is the problem if there is some information about that phenomenon.

Thank you


Could you provide/upload the folder with the urdf description and meshes to try to reproduce it?
Btw, the Isaac Sim 2020.2 version has a better urdf import extension.

Hello, Toni

Thank you for your response.

Here is link for my URDF file.

It is also good idea using latest Issac Sim version.

Thank you


The urdf could be imported successfully in Isaac Sim 2020.2…

Btw, it is necessary to import this urdf with the Fix Base Link parameter unchecked. After that, you have to add a Fixed joint for the base_1 XForm/link To world space (All operation in the Physics menu). If you does not uncheck this parameter the robot will be loaded with the hand fixed to the world (Why? Idk).


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Hi, Toni

Thank you for testing my URDF file.

It it glad hear that it works with new Omiverse version.
I am going to migrate from ROS Gazebo to Omiverse because I checked it has
many various option for Deep Learning.

However, I can not see link for 2020.2 version at
It looks like it hasn’t been released yet.

I hope I can download it soon!

Thank you

The link for Isaac Sim is

Also, you can check the documentation to setup it…

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Awesome, Toni

I can download it now. Finally, I can use Omniverse for my robot.
If I have anything else to ask, I will come.

Thank you again for your help.


I am glad to hear about it.
Come back here any time…
Btw, if any response of this post was your solution you can also check the Solution checkbox to close this post successfully 😅

Hello, Toni

Solution checkbox is good option. I think many people can watch our debate in future.

Thank you