Custom usd loaded to stage but not recognized by omni.physx.tensors.plugin

tried downgradeing isaac sim and omni isaac gym to 2023.1.0 version as described in Unexpected bug/change in ArticulationView of Isaac2023.1.1, doesn’t fix the issue.

On the GUI it shows that the “hook station” is loaded in; and printing out all elements on stage using print_stage_prim_paths() also shows that there exist hook_station at the specified location /World/envs/env_x/hook_station; but still get warning
[Warning] [omni.physx.tensors.plugin] Failed to find articulation at ‘/World/envs/env_3/hook_station’ which leads to error
[Error] [omni.physx.tensors.plugin] Pattern ‘/World/envs/*/hook_station’ did not match any articulations

The articulation is generated using the same code as cabinet in the franka-cabinet example (without drawers):
in set_up_scene() (which get called first to load usds) of def FrankaHookingTask(RLTask)
self._hook_station = HookStationView(prim_paths_expr=“/World/envs/.*/hook_station”, name=“hook_station_view”)
assert scene.object_exists(“hook_station_view”) # evaluates to true

definition of HookStation Class and HookStationView Class are just modification of cabinet and cabinetview class in the example code with the removal of drawers and change of name and usd source.
(I can’t seem to upload my original usd files here, please give some instruction on how I can share my usd file to help with resolving this issue.)

As a new user I can’t put 2 pics in the post… why? here is the picture that shows the objects already being loaded to stage when error occurs: