Custom vdb node size error in gInteractiveOptix sample


I’m trying to include gvdb to my cuda path tracer but I’m having some trouble rendering a custom sparse volume vdb file (I can convert and render levelset vdb files with no problem). To test gvdb I’ve exported a vdb file from Houdini 17.5 and converted to a vbx file as shown in gImportVDB sample, and tried to render it in gInteractiveOptix sample but I’m getting an error as:

Creating OptiX context.
Setting Ray Generation program.
  Loading: optix_trace_primary.ptx, trace_primary
  Loading: optix_trace_primary.ptx, exception
Setting Miss program.
  Loading: optix_trace_miss.ptx, miss
Creating random number buffer.
Creating Mesh intersection programs.
  Loading: optix_mesh_intersect.ptx, mesh_intersect
  Loading: optix_mesh_intersect.ptx, mesh_bounds
Creating Volume intersection programs.
  Loading: optix_vol_intersect.ptx, vol_intersect
  Loading: optix_vol_intersect.ptx, vol_levelset
  Loading: optix_vol_intersect.ptx, vol_deep
  Loading: optix_vol_intersect.ptx, vol_bounds
Creating OptiX Main Group and BVH.
PERF_INIT: No CPU markers.
PERF_INIT: No GPU markers.
PERF_INIT: Disabling perf. No CPU or GPU markers.
  Device List:
Max. texture3D width: 4096
Max. texture3D height: 4096
Max. texture3D depth: 4096
   0. GeForce GTX 680
   Using Device: 0, GeForce GTX 680, Context: 0000024BAE5E7000
Starting GVDB Voxels. ver 1.11
 Creating Allocator..
 Creating Scene..
 Creating CUDPP..
Loading polygon model.
Loading VBX. D:/REPOS/gvdb-voxels/source/shared_assets/dragon_volume.vbx
LoadVBX: D:/REPOS/gvdb-voxels/source/shared_assets/dragon_volume.vbx (ver 1.11)
Sizes: char 1, int 4, u64 8, float 4
ERROR: VBX file contains nodes incompatible with current gvdb_library.
       Size in file: 1024,  Size in library: 64
Error. Application will exit.

My question is what can be affecting the size of nodes in openvdb file? Did anyone manage to convert their own vdb file?


houdini 17.5 uses openvdb version 5.2.0 ( I’ve built the gvdb libraries and tried with openvdb 5.0.0 and 5.2.0. The error is same. The openvdb file contains 2 channels (density and temperature). Is a specific naming is used in explosion.vbx file? or is there a guide about conversion of sparse volume files?

My system:

Windows 10 Pro
Visual studio 2017 (v141) x64, SDK 10.0.17763.0 (also tried 2015.3 (v140))

Capture2.jpg (12.9 MB)