Custom version USB_EN pin is always low r32

I made a TX2 carrier board by myself, the USB interface is the same as the pins used by the official carrier board, the hardware has been confirmed, the only difference is that my custom carrier board deleted INA3221 (Power measurement) and TCA9539 (GPIO Expander), After TX2 is started, USB_VBUS_EN1 is always low. Do I need to modify the device tree? But the pins are consistent with the official ones. I found nvidia, oc-pin attributes in the device tree, which are about overcurrent monitoring. I deleted INA3221. Should overcurrent monitoring be disabled? I don’t know where to check problem.

We have hardware production design guide and software adaptation guide for USB lane mapping, please check the document:

If your USB lane mapping is different from developer kit, please refer to the document to check if hardware design is good, and modify the device tree accordingly

Some topics for modifying device tree:
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Thanks for your reply, I found that the problem is not caused by USB, after I removed the unused INA3221 and TCA9539 from the device tree on the carrier board I made, the USB can be used normally, there is a new problem, not This topic, I will open a new topic to ask questions.

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