Custom Writer script example hangs


I’ve tried pasting the custom writer examples from the end to end example section of:

Below is the code: (5.0 KB)

After running it in the script editor, it causes the whole Omniverse Code to hang. I tried disabling the line import omni.kit, but it still hangs after running. Hope someone can help me debug this.

I’m using Omniverse Code 2022.2.0 Beta and I’ve tried basic and Kitti writer, both of them runs fine.


Hello @edwardwidjaja! I’ve alerted the dev team to come and assist you with your questions!

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Hi @edwardwidjaja . Would you be able to provide a log so we can investigate? The button to get to the log location can be found in the console tab in the top left corner.



Hi pcallender,

Attached is the latest log when the app hangs.
kit_20221114_171452.log (799.1 KB)

Hope it helps. Thanks!