Customization of Image based OTA

We are using L4T 35.4.1 and I’m looking at this page when trying to bring up image-based OTA

I have 2 quick questions

  1. It seems at high level, image-based OTA won’t work with the disk-encryption which by default use device specific ECID during image generation?
  2. Is there a better guideline than the page I’m referring to? because when I try to run this with our custom PCB, it throws a lot of errors basically saying our board configuration, which is not a devkit, is not supported. I have to patch here and there to unblock the scripts but not sure if I’m doing the right things without breaking the OTA process

Hi user16748,

Image-based OTA with disk-encryption is supported from R35.5.0.

Is the custom board designed by you?
Please use the custom BSP package to create the OTA package.
You can try using the similar board config name as the devkit but customize the content for your custom board.
You can also refer to <Linux_for_Tegra>/tools/ota_tools/version_upgrade/Image_based_OTA_Examples.txt for details.

Thanks for the prompt response. I will look into the example text.

@KevinFFF a follow up question hope you could help answer is that when I do an image based OTA, let’s say for both bootloaders as well as rootfs, does it overwrite the existing rootfs? Or is there a overlay list of files that the OTA will overwrite while leave the rest of the files untouched. TIA

Yes, it will be overwritten and you can specify the data to be kept through ota_backup_files_list.txt.

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