Customize kennel and kennel panic

I try to compile kennel with jetpack 4.3. It works ok. Until I try to add my hardware into the kennel, it goes to boot loop. What might be my problem?

What kind of HW cause the panic?
Does it panic with original kernel too? What’s the uname -a show up?

I patched the kennel with FLIR Boson patch. It panic since boot up.

What’s your kernel version by uname -a?
Do you build kernel image follow below link?

There kennel source I try to build is 4.9 al from 5.4.0-72-generic on Ubhntu18.04. Linaro 7.3.1 2018.05.

Pretty much similar from the link you gave except I did not do source sync.

You can try your build without Boson patch to clarify the cause.