customize the carrier board with jetson tx1 module

I’m going to customize our own carrier board of jetson tx1, cause we may not need some interfaces on the tx1 original carrier board, and we need the board to be smaller. So, to simplify the original jetson tx1 carrier board, I plan to remove some interfaces, like remove the Storage interface(sd), remove Display/Touch Expansion Header and so on. And here comes the Jtag port:
a)JTAG Connector (Standard 20-pin header)
b)Debug Connector (60-pin Board-Board)
i.- 60-pin (2x30) Board-Board
ii.- JTAG, UART, I2C
iii.- Power, Reset & Force Recovery
c)Serial Port Signals (1x6 header)
Information from JetsonTX1_Developer_Kit_Carrier_Board_Specification.pdf
I’m not sure if we need this, we hope to have a carrier board structure as simple as possible, I’m now a little confused wether I should keep the Jtag port or not. I was thinking if I removed the Jtag, when I customize our own linux kernel for our board and flash the image to the board, will this Jtag-removing cause problems?
Hope can get some help, thanks very much!

Hi nick,

You can remove Jtag if no need, just pay attention to keep the PU/PD resistor of each line. There is a sheet (page 68) in OEM Design Guide for unused pins, pls follow that to do design.

Hi Trumany, thanks a lot. If I remove Jtag, remove SD interface, make my own carrier board, then I will customize uboot for my board, how can I flash uboot to board? Through USB port?

Yes, through USB port

Hi Trumany,thank you for your reply. Now I met some new questions, hope to get help from you.
“Page 7:Figure 3. Jetson TX1 Carrier Board Placement” from “JetsonTX1_Developer_Kit_Carrier_Board_Specification.pdf”, J27 Charge Control Header (10-pin Flex Recep., 0.8mm pitch), what’s J27’s job? Can I remove J27 port? I can’t find information about this in OEM Design Guide, please help me with the J27 question, thank you very much.

Yes, you can remove J27 if necessary, it’s for external charger management.