Customized Jetpack returns to initial state

I’m customizing Jetpack 4.6 (customize rootfs, create initial user, etc.), and using sdkmanager to flash it to Jetson Nano 2G.
I experienced it 2 times so far but when I run sdkmanager to flash it, all customized data disappeared and Jetpack returned to the initial state.
I think sdkmanager reset it.
Can I stop it and keep my custom one there?


You should use but not sdkmanager anymore… Sdkmanager is a fixed tarball and it will download the data from the server each time it is flashing…it is not for customization.

Thank you for your quick reply! and I got it.
I’ve used sdkmanager to get Jetpack files and customized it.
Is this the right way?

And, It’s great if I can develop with actual Jetson and then copy all files to Ubuntu host machine from there to make OS image.
Is it doable?

Generally you can do the customization on the Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs and then use to flash this to your board.

Yes, but I’m developing video related system now and want to check how my programs work on screen. So need to develop on actual Jetson. If there is any way to copy the system from Jetson to the host machine’s rootfs, that’s awesome!

For emmc kind jetson nano, the flash tool supports to use the clone.

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