CUT_DEVICE_INIT error in Hello world project error while compiling project using make

When I try to compile the hello world project using make command in the form “make”, the following error is printed on the screen. I have consulted the instruction manual and there is nothing that I seem to be doing wrong. error: macro “CUT_DEVICE_INIT” requires 2 arguments, but only 1 given
make: *** [obj/release/helloworld.cu_o] Error 255

Any suggestions or help will be appreciated.

Note: I am attaching the hello world project with this message.

MP0_HelloWorld.tar.gz (2.59 KB)

As the compiler says, CUT_DEVICE_INIT requires two arguments. Just pass argc and argv on to it: CUT_DEVICE_INIT(argc,argv)
This will allow to specify the desired device on the command line using --device=N.