cutil header not present at all No, its not an environment variable error

Hello, I’ve just started out with CUDA and have successfully installed the libraries and SDK for Linux. I’ve compiled and run the test programs that came with the SDK with no problems, but now when I’m trying to include cutil.h, it says no such file found. I thought it would be just a path error but when I checked out /usr/local/cuda/include, there really isn’t such a file.

/usr/local/cuda/include# ls -R | grep util
(No results)

Is there a new file that I can use? Or something similar?

cutil is something used only for SDK samples to make code shorter and is not suitable for use in a real application. It is completely unsupported and not included with the CUDA toolkit.

(don’t use it, don’t steal it from the SDK, just leave it alone and do error checking the right way)