Cutting the time for videos can CUDA help ?


I am working on Endoscopy videos on which i have to neglect out some blurred frames in the videos. i am running my videos on MATLAB . For a size of 1 GB video MATLAB takes an approximate time of an hour to clear out the blurred frames and give high qualtiy video as output.

I switched over to CUDA for cuttting down the time to run videos. How should i approach for that ?

What should i do to to built my own CUDA progams or else modify the examples to run these videos cutting down the time.

Is this possible using CUDA ?

Please help me.


Well, the way I would do it is the following:

profile on -detail builtin
run matlab program
profile off;profile report

Check where most time is being spent (sort on self time). Work your way from the top of the list downwards. Check each function, look at what they do, and if you can convert it to C&CUDA. Use the Matlab-plugin to hook CUDA onto matlab, so you can call a cuda version of the function instead of the slow matlab function.

I was able to speed up a small function by 100 times, which resulted in the total program being 10 times faster.