Cutting/Trimming videos with the TX2

So from what we’ve read so far the TX2 doesn’t support “ffmpeg”…
And we’ve tried to download a bunch of other packages that could do the same, but we don’t think they like the TX2 ARM processor(?).

Does anyone have a good tip for what to use to do what said in the topic?
Right now we have nothing that can trim videos on the TX2.

We read another post about the ‘non-supported ffmpeg’ where they were told to check out the gstreamer documentation, but we’re not getting anywhere on that lead.

If you don’t mind something a bit heavy I see “flowblade” is available on arm64. I have not tried this on the Jetson itself, but if it works, then you have a fairly powerful editor available (I think if I were to try this it would be on an external disk and not purely eMMC). In order to get more answers you might provide more details on your particular case, e.g., interactive versus scripted, just cutting without preview, so on.

For cutting/trimming videos, if re-encoding is not required, it is pure SW operation and does not need HW decoding/encoding.

If you need re-encoding, you can implement it via MMAPI to decoding into YUVs, discard the YUVs not required, and re-encode into new h264/h265 stream.

Not sure if there is similar implementation in gstreamer, you may ask in

Thanks for the replys,

we’re using a camera and a TX2 to detect light-phenomenons in the sky at night.
Videoes are beeing made in intervalls (5-30 min, whatever we choose) and we have code that goes through every frame of the completed videos and stores when there is detection.

What we need to achieve is to make “clips” from the videos from the stored detection-points.
We basically have this code, but we’re missing a tool that does the cutting-job.
Like with the “ffmpeg” that we used on a Linux desktop that took in ~ videoPath, startClippingAt, duration.

We’re writing the program in python, so we’re not really after a editor/gui, but a tool we can use within the program to cut videos by parameters.

Furthermore we encode the videos in h264, store as .mp4 and we have no need for previews.

Hi jonasr,
Please refer to MM API and check if you can implement the functionality.