cuvidCreateDecoder failing with CUDA_ERROR_NO_DEVICE on GTX 980


I’m trying to create a video decoder with cuvidCreateDecoder for HEVC 1920x1080 YUV420, but it keeps returning CUDA_ERROR_NO_DEVICE. This even happens in the NvDecodeGL sample, so I don’t think it’s my code that’s causing issues. I’m running a GTX 980 with the latest driver (378.49). According to this table, it should be supported, right? Surprisingly, encoding HEVC works without any problems. It doesn’t matter if I use decodecuda, decodedxva, or decodecuvid.

Any ideas?

GTX 980 -> GM204 (Maxwell (2nd Gen)) -> HEVC/H.265 decoder unsupported (encoder supported, GM206 (GTX 950/960) decoder supported) (see or decoder section of

Oh. Missed that there’s a second table, for decoding, sorry… >.<

So, I need a worse GPU for H.265 to be supported? 980 Ti and Titan X are apparently even GM200, which also doesn’t support H.265 decoding, while 950 and 960 do? That’s actually what got me confused…

Four eyes see more than two :-)
And yes, GM206 is newer chip then GM200 or GM204 and has more features but less power. The similar GP104 has more features than GP102 or GP100.