CVM 1.0 Hardware Schematic

Where can the CVM 1.0 schematic diagram be found which is being used on the Jetson TX2 platform?

It looks like the correct name for what I’m looking for is Jetson TX2 System-on-Module. Is there a schematic diagram for this module and where can it be found? Thanks.

The module itself does not have a schematic available. Only the carrier board has a published schematic.

Yes, I have the carrier board schematic, Jetson TX2 OEM Product Design Guide and TX2 System-on-Module document which lead me to my question. I would prefer to change the Ethernet PHY and look at the PMIC design of the System-on-Module for a new design. Do you happen to know if there are other “flavors” of the System-on-Module?

I’m not sure what automotive products are available, but generally speaking there is only one module. From there you can use different carrier boards with different features/options, but customizing the module itself is not generally supported.

Perhaps a description of your use-case might get some more information, e.g., what issues you have with the ethernet PHY, and what/why you want to change for the PMIC. There could be solutions through a custom carrier board which avoids needing to modify the module itself.

Thanks. Since this is an automotive design, a 100/1000Base-T1 Ethernet PHY is required instead of the 4-pair standard BCM54610C1IMLG Ethernet PHY. We would also like to have the option of choosing different WiFi/BT modules and allow quicker adaptation to future changes. The PMIC is not as important, as long as nVidia has properly designed the module for an automotive environment (but it would be nice to know what is on the module for informational purposes.) Other than the Ethernet and WiFi/BT portions, the rest of the module looks relatively generic and the interfaces able to be configured as needed. Thanks again for your help.

Anyone know which automotive versions are available, and whether the ethernet on those is rated differently for automotive? I’ve not seen specs on any of the automotive devices.