CVNAS? What is that?

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Can you please elaborate on CVNAS functionality?

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I would like to confirm which documentation you’re referred to, thanks

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it’s Computer Vision NoC and SRAM,
there’s cvnas driver, it does direct register writes into the HW.
you could have configuration through nvpmodel, it’s a device attribute, clk_cap to limit cvnas clock.
please check the driver for more details.
for example,

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OK… What do you mean NoC?

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CVNAS provides a high bandwidth, low latency SRAM for CV cluster. CVNAS consists of 2 main blocks: CV-NOC and CV-SRAM;
CV-NOC is a sub-block within CVNAS. It is the NOC portion of CVNAS.
CV-SRAM is another a sub-block within CVNAS, It is the memory storage portion of CVNAS.

please access Xavier TRM for the details.

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