CX4121-ACAT: Firmware 14.28.2006 (and higher) break SFP+ transceivers


I’ve got a couple of CX4121-ACAT - I upgraded the firmware from 14.23 to 14.32 and the SFP+ transceivers (10GBase-LR transceivers from Infinera) stopped working.

I could bisect the firmware versions, and upgrading from 14.28.1300 to 14.28.2006 breaks the connection.
14.28.1300 works fine, 14.28.2006 is the first affected version that does not work.

Any idea whether this can be fixed with a software setting?

Hello robin.christ,

Welcome, and thank you for posting your inquiry to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Unfortunately, Infinera transceivers have never been in our test matrix. This is true for many transceivers/cables, but some may ‘just work’ regardless.

A lot of changes are made between adapter firmware revisions, especially when it comes to signalling. Something must have changed between 14.28.1300 → 14.28.2006 that the Infinera transceivers didn’t like.

Reviewing the release notes, the only change that I can see which might be related is new support for Rate-Select for Avago SFP+ modules in 14.28.2006:

Perhaps the Infinera transceiver is using some non-standard Rate-Select configuration / pin mapping? But again, we don’t really know, because we don’t test Infinera transceivers.

To ensure continued functionality across firmware releases, our recommendation is always going to be to use transceivers/cables that are in our test matrix, and fully supported.

These can be found in the firmware release notes in the ‘Firmware Compatible Products’ section →

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