CXR icon is not showing up on StreamVR

I’m following the NVDIA guide to set the nvdia cloud xr server, but at the 4th step of “setting up cloudxr server” everything works but the CXR icon. I’ve tried to reinstall the CXR but still nothing happens.

okay, so we’re talking about this block:

The headset icon at the bottom of the SteamVR mini window changes to indicate that CloudXR has been installed and is active. The icon displays the letters CXR on the headset as shown in The CloudXR icon. The icon turns green when the headset is active and is greyed out when the headset is inactive. You will not see the icons in the SteamVR mini window until a client attempts to connect to the server.

Did you note the part I bolded above? there is no virtual headset until the first client connection, so there is no headset or controller icons until you connect. If you just run steamvr, the window will have no icons at the start.

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