Cyclictest under load on nvidia jetson agx RT-Kernel


I patched PREEAMT-RT Kernel on my xavier.
I installed the rt tests with

sudo apt get install rt tests;

The Cyclictest is working. But if im trying to set my system uner load with the indructions in the fowllowing link. It dosent work.

Is thre any other way to make a Cyclictest under load on my nvidia xavier agx.

What do you mean set system under load with the indructions?

I try to get the cpu load up to 100% by doing the Cyclictest.
Is there a test that makes the CPU up to 100% and performs the Cyclictest which works for the xavier?

stress test may help

Thanks itś working.

Is there a test to set the USB Disk I/O under Stress and the Network as well?

I think you can have a google to search that. I believe there should have many tools to that for your choose.