Cygwin support under PGI 6.0

Hello everyone…
PGI 5.x for windows didn’t provide support for current versions of Cygwin. Is version 6.0 doing anything different in regards to supporting Cygwin include files or is PGI still only providing the old (very old) cygnus environment?

Thank you in advance…

Hi pedro5loco,

Since we can’t bundle the new Cygwin with our product, we had to keep the old version. Another user posted that he got 6.0 to work on Cygwin (See topic 204) but he didn’t specify exactly which version of Cygwin he is using. It might be worth a try but, I haven’t confirmed if it actually works or not.

Note that if your evaluating 64-bit Windows, we do a have Win64 Beta product. For more information please refer to


  • Mat

Hi mkcolg,
I read that posting (topic 204). I actually don’t have a problem running PGI under Cygwin, I been doing it for the longest. The problem comes when you need to use some of the include files provided by cygwin and therefore use the -cyglibs flag, that’s when I ran into problems with the compilers. So I was hoping that you were providing support for cygwin in your new version 6.0…
So in regards to the Win64 Beta product, what is that providing in relation to Cygwin?

Thank you.

Nothing has changed in regards to Cygwin.

Our Win64 product is irrelevant to your question about Cygwin. I brought it up as an aside only because you are a Windows user and might be considering evaluating Windows 64. Sorry if it muddled the answer.