D-PHY Polarity and Lane Swapping

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Is simultaneous polarity swapping and lane swapping available in the Jetson AGX Xavier CSI-2 D-Phy? This is to simplify routing on an interposer board to a FPD-Link deserializer.

The Xavier SoC TRM is explicit that it is possible. Section NVCSI SCIL lists the main features of the SCIL on pg. 681. Two of the features are: Polarity swapping in D-PHY and C-PHY configurations & Data lane swapping in D-PHY and trio swapping in C-PHY. There are even registers for controlling the polarity and lane mappings, for example: NVCSI_PHY_1_NVCSI_CIL_LANE_SWIZZLE_CTRL_0 for lane mapping and NVCSI_PHY_1_NVCSI_CIL_B_POLARITY_SWIZZLE_CTRL_0 for polarity.

The “NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Series and Jetson AGX Orin Series Camera Module” document contradicts this in section “3.3 Jetson to DeSerializer Connections”. It states “Xavier and Orin do not support this flexible swizzling of the signals in D-PHY mode.” More specifically it mentions “For D-PHY there are only options to swap the polarity of the signals”.

How should this conflicting information be reconciled and is there a tool to verify correct implementation? I’ve tried the excel sheet “Jetson_AGX_Xavier_Series_Pinmux_Configuration_Template_v1.4” as mentioned in the “Platform Adaptation and Bring-Up Guide”, but it doesn’t seem to show any additional options beyond the defaults that were set.

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Current driver didn’t implement the swizzle.
I would suggest follow the design guide for your sensor board.


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