D3D11 driver bug: Offset in NV12 sampling on Quadro FX


we upload video data to DXGI_FORMAT_NV12 textures using a staging D3D11Texture which is then copied to a default D3D11Texture. The staging resource has the exact size of the source video (e.g. 1920x1080), the default texture used for rendering is retrieved from a pool a might be larger than the source material (so copy is actually copysubresource).
The NV12 texture is then converted to RGB via shader and 2 SRVs (R8 -> luminance, RG8 -> chroma).

On recent NVidia GPUs with latest driver the output is correct, but for Quadro FX (which lots of our customers still have) the chroma plane is shifted vertically. We tried to install newer drivers but unfortunately they dont support old Quadro FX cards.
Driver 341.92 still shows this issue.

OS: Windows 8.1 64bit