D3D9 Support

It seems that Gallium3D added D3D9 support about a year ago. It seems they also actually had D3D10/11 code as well, but they dropped it since nobody wanted to use it.

I imagine this solves a lot of issues as well as increases performance when running games through Wine, is there any chance the official Nvidia drivers will have this feature as well any-time soon if ever?


The longer story is that the Gallium3D D3D9 support won’t work with the Nvidia driver because the Nvidia driver doesn’t use Gallium3D and likely never will.

That wasn’t exactly what I meant, I meant to ask if theres any chances Nvidia will write their own implementation of this, of course they can’t use Gallium3D for it if they want to stay proprietary, (Although I hear a rumor that AMD may be going to go that route and open source their Linux drivers)