D3DReflect does not work with D3D12 graphics debugging

I’m having trouble using shader reflection in my application with Nsight graphics debugging. I can repro the issue with Microsoft’s D3D12HelloTriangle sample; the application runs fine with Nsight, but Nsight exits abruptly if I add these two lines:

Microsoft::WRL::ComPtr vertexShaderReflection;
D3DReflect(vertexShader->GetBufferPointer(), vertexShader->GetBufferSize(), IID_PPV_ARGS(vertexShaderReflection.GetAddressOf()));

MS samples are here: https://github.com/Microsoft/DirectX-Graphics-Samples/

Nsight can debug our company application fine on our D3D11 backend which also uses shader reflection, so this issue seems to be D3D12-specific.

Hi jpark37,

We just fixed this issue and next release of Nsight will involve this.