d4 error code when installing K40 computation card

I am experiencing d4 error code during the booting process, when I try to run the PC when my processing GPU is installed. When I change out the GPU to 2080RTX it works totally fine.
When I asked Nvidia they said that Tesla K40 doesn’t have a fan and the Motherboard might trigger some problems when installed.
Please help me how to bypass, or solve this problem.

I searched for the QVL and the K40 isn’t on it. If so, would someone recommend me which motherboards are compatible with the k40 cards?

Thank you!

Unless this is a Tesla K40c (actively cooled, with a fan) it’s designed to be integrated into servers. In which case you would buy a system with the K40 already installed from a system integrator. Any other setup is unsupported.

There are people who have built custom water-cooling or built their own forced air-cooling with fans and cooling ducts to get such server GPUs to run inside workstations. Search the Internet and Youtube in particular. I am not endorsing this approach, but here is one video where someone did this for a K80, linked here purely for entertainment purposes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcyP3ASRgBc

There may be issues other than cooling, such as insufficient BAR memory range provided by the system BIOS. Or your K40 may be defective. I have used K40s (both actively and passively cooled) but do not know what a “d4” error code is or where that is reported.

Personally, I would not bother trying to get this outdated GPU to run. It is a reasonable assumption that the next major version of CUDA will no longer support it.