D435 realsense cannot work at Kaya


D435 realsense does not show any video at kaya.

  • JP4.2.1 image is running on the developer kit.
  • realsense FW: [b] and 5.10.06 (5.10.03 is not listed at download site)

Issue 1: D435 is connected at USB 2.1
realsense_viewer which is included in librealsense shows both depth and RGB video well.
But it starts with this message:
25/09 12:48:09,378 WARNING [547757199808] (ds5-timestamp.cpp:64) UVC metadata payloads not available. Please refer to the installation chapter for details.

Issue 2: Kaya examples[object detection, follow me etc] that use RealSense do not show anything on the screen
Error messages:
2019-09-25 12:39:43.385 WARNING packages/realsense/RealsenseCamera.cpp@37: Realsense recommended firmware version is, currently using firmware version
2019-09-25 12:39:44.293 ERROR engine/alice/component.cpp@61: Component ‘camera/realsense’ reported an error: RealSense error calling rs2_pipeline_start_with_config(pipe:0x7f84067620, config:0x7f8406a0e0): Couldn’t resolve requests
2019-09-25 12:39:44.293 ERROR engine/alice/backend/event_manager.cpp@40: Stopping node ‘camera’ because it reached status ‘FAILURE’
2019-09-25 12:39:44.293 DEBUG engine/alice/backend/codelet_backend.cpp@73: Starting codelet ‘camera/realsense’ DONE
2019-09-25 12:39:44.293 WARNING engine/alice/backend/codelet_backend.cpp@281: Codelet ‘camera/realsense’ was not added to scheduler because no tick method is specified.

Any idea about it please?



It might be related to USB connection.
By some reason, D435 is connected USB 2.x not 3.x.
Then I modified realsense config to 640x480, 15fps in kaya_hardware.subgraph.json.