DAQ Card for TX2

Does anybody ever used a daq card (including AD/DA and DI/DO) in TX2 in any type of bus (usb,ethernet,pcie)?
I can not find a product that privodes driver for arm linux.

Hi yande.yang,

If you found it, please share with community. Thanks

What kind of I/O are you looking for? Would either one of these be of interest to you: https://www.quanser.com/products/q8-usb-data-acquisition-device/ or https://www.quanser.com/products/q2-usb-data-acquisition-device/? They are meant for control systems rather than classical data acquisition so may not suit your purposes, but I’m curious.

Thank you dan.madill.
I just want to build a control system for auto focus.TX2 will be the controller,a camera will capture image for z coordinate value calculating and the daq cart will output control signal to piezo to move.
I think the Q2-USB is suitable for my purpose.I will ask for more information from QUANSER.