Dark artifact around the sclera

I am getting a strange dark artifact around the sclera of my CC3 characters using the connector app. I have been searching the Reallusion and Omniverse forums but I do not see anyone else having any similar issues. Tried adjusting every parameter of the Std_Eye material but the Std_Skin_Head_0 is also multiplying the effect. It is not related to the Occlusion or the Tearline and I doubt that the Cornea material is doing it. The Eyes when isolated have this red pattern and they turn black when the body is visible. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

Hello @user126043! Welcome to the Community! Do you have a source file that you can share with us so that we can help troubleshoot the issue?

hello @WendyGram Yes I would be happy to share the file but how should I go about sharing it? It is approximately 450MB once compressed into a .zip. I could try using JustBeamIt and place the link here but it will expire if you don’t start downloading after a few min.

Hi @user126043 ,
Could you try to select the eye mesh and then uncheck the “Shadow Terminator Fix”, Does it help?


@weienchen That fixed everything! Thank you so much!

Thanks for this tip!