Darknet memory leak

I have been uploaded topic for darknet memory leak on Ubuntu 18.04 (Jetpack 4.2)
and I tested this issue desktop and Xubuntu (cuda-10.0 / cuDNN / openCV 3.4) on Jetson nano.

I got a memory leak message using Valgrind.

This is it.
memcheck.log (820.0 KB)

what can i do?


Is this issue specified for Jetson platform?
If not, it’s recommended to reply the memory leakage to the darknet team directly.


Hi, AastaLLL.

This is issue for jetson nano not desktop.


Just want to double check again.
Do you mean there is no memory leakage when running darknet on the host?
Since it looks like an application issue to us.


yeah, I tell you the details.

When darknet is running, memory is increased continually.
so, darknet is stooped because thers is no available memory.

If you don’t understand, tell me. Thank you.